HS23 Parents’ Evening Slides / Vanhempainillan diat


Thank you to the many who attended last Monday. The evening was a quick introduction to the school, the structure of high school studies and information on hazing. The evening was held in English, so the slides are in Finnish, in keeping with our identity as a bilingual school. Please go to the following link

Lukioon valitut opiskelijat 15.6.2023


Englantilaisen koulun lukioon valitut opiskelijat: Ahonen, Lempi Ada Matilda Bennett, Nicholas Joona Castillo Gómez, Kidist Heinze, Tuuli Adeliina Irene Holmila, Manu Nicolas Hyttinen, Milla Ida Amanda Iso-Anttila, Fiona Shenglai Jiang Iswariah, Tristan Timotei Jäppinen, Enia Olivia Kamela van der Burgh, Maxymilian Marcel Kantonen, Juho Valtteri Keronen, Angelina Zuzu Klaver, Remu Kovachevich, Sofia Elisabeth Kuisti, Ilon

Grade 4: Vivamo Camp School Reflection


The Grade 4 cohort participated in the Vivamo Camp School held in Lohja from 15th May- 17th May.  The itinerary for the trip was exciting with the students exposed to a variety of different learning experiences throughout the week. The students participated in day excursions to Meriturva Maritime and Safety Training Centre, Pähkinänniemi nature path,

Alumnien vuosikokous ja tapaaminen /Alumni Annual Meeting and get-together


The Alumni welcome all former students to Mäntytie 14 on Wednesday, May 10, at 18:00. The evening starts with the Annual Meeting, which will be followed by a get-together and a tour of the school. Alumnit toivottavat tervetulleeksi kaikki entiset oppilaat keskiviikkona 10.5. klo 18:00 Mäntytielle. Ilta alkaa vuosikokouksella ja jatkuu tapaamisella sekä koulukierroksella.

MS & HS Graduation Schedule


Middle School Graduation 3.6.2023 at Mäntytie08:30 – 10:00(max. 3 guests/graduate) High School Graduation Rehearsal at Mäntytie on Friday 2.6.2023 at 12:00(graduates should bring caps) 3.6.2023 at Mäntytie11:00 – 12:30 (group photo at 12:30)(max. 5 guests/graduate)

Student Council for the Spelling Bee Contest


On Friday 3rd March the Elementary School Spelling Bee competition was held. The competition was for all the finalists from Preschool through to 6th Grade.   All spellers put in their best effort and remained in high spirits, despite being posed with some very interesting, new and challenging words. A highlight was the close competition and

Malaria Researcher visiting Engs


The English School had the honor of hosting Dr Christianah Dare. A lecturer in biochemistry at Nigeria’s Osun State University, Dare has spent the last seven months as a research fellow at Helsinki University, working on a cure for malaria. She spoke to our students about her career and research, as well as the challenges

High School Entrance Exam Wednesday May 3th


at Valimotie 17-19, 2nd floor (Pitäjänmäki), May 3th at 8:30-11:15. The written exam lasts two hours. Please bring official photo identification (identity card, passport etc.), a pencil and an eraser. Assessment: max 2,5 points for the English test and max. 2,5 points for the Finnish as a mother tongue or Finnish as a second language

Engs to Miami!


The student exchange collaboration between Miami Country Day school and The English School continues when a group of Engs students will be going to Miami in February. The English School will be hosting a group of Miami students in turn in October. The itinerary includes a good number of school days, and activities in and

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