Preschool 1

(children born in 2019)

The next aptitude tests for the two-year preschool are for children born in 2019. The tests will take place in Fall 2024.

Please register your child as an applicant by Friday, 26.7.2024.

The acceptance of children is based on
A language test that assesses the general terminology and language skills that a child needs in a learning environment
– Working habits
– Social skills in a group environment

English OR Finnish language skills are needed when applying in the spring aptitude tests. The aptitude test will be held at the premises of The English School, which are located at Mäntytie 14, 00270 Helsinki.

Preschool 2

(children born in 2018)

As there are openings in the Preschool 2 group, additional aptitude tests for children born in 2018 will take place in May 2024.

Please register your child as an applicant by Monday, 13.5.2024.

Please note that basic English language skills are required in Preschool 2.



How to apply?

  1. Complete payment of registration fee (20€)
    The English School bank details:
    IBAN FI67 2262 1800 0634 37
    Swift code NDEAFIHH
    Message: “Preschool registration + child’s name”
  2. Fill in the online registration form
    Submit the online registration form accompanied with a receipt of the registration fee
    If you do not receive an email confirmation after submitting the form, please contact the office at

Confirming the registration annually
If there are no openings and you wish your child’s name to remain in the applicant register, you must confirm your registration annually in writing with the following information:
Child’s name
Date of birth
Message: Confirmation of registration


Admission enquiries:

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