Our Values in the School-Based Curriculum

The basic values of our school are grounded in Christian values that guide us to examine humanity and the human being. Human beings have been given the ability think and to aim for good. We find great value in Christian life respectful of other outlooks. We find that it is important to grow, develop, and follow one’s conscience regardless of philosophical views. Love for one’s neighbour, compassion, and an accepting and loving attitude to oneself and to others enable the growth as a human being. This includes the growth into a responsible member of society, the development of society, and action in accordance with the rights and responsibilities commonly agreed upon. An individual grows as a human being and member of society through the membership of their family. The family with its values provides the foundations for growth. Having knowledge of one’s own history, culture, and the guiding values builds the individual’s value awareness and foundation of identity, and gives rise to self-knowledge and self-esteem.

Broadening the opportunities for growth

The school environment broadens and increases the opportunities for growth. The amount of diversity increases in a larger community, and there is a greater need for more tolerance, respect, and acceptance and appreciation of difference. The promotion of fairness and good treatment of oneself and others is a natural way to combat bullying. Other people and their belongings are respected. We build respect through knowledge and understanding of other cultures and by embracing various cultures as natural parts of our daily lives and celebrations at the school. As the world opens up and societies become more globalized, the definitions of citizenship and nationality are changing. A world citizen thinks broadly and is involved in the challenges concerning the whole world. Global humanity consists of an understanding of how society and societies operate, what the common resources are and where they come from, and the respect and appreciation of nature and the environment. Students learn to value what society offers and have a willingness to work for a better society. Economic efficiency and moderation are intricate parts of our practices. Ecological sustainability and other sustainable values are emphasized.

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