Student welfare services

Student welfare services aim to render school a safe and pleasant experience for pupils, who should receive necessary guidance and support when faced with challenging situations. Every comprehensive school of the City of Helsinki and some private schools employ a school social worker and a school psychologist of the Helsinki City. They aim to support the wellbeing, positive development, learning and schoolwork of pupils together with the other school staff. The work may focus on an individual pupil or a group of pupils.

Our school is served by multi-disciplinary student welfare team. The team, which we refer to as the “School Wellbeing Group”, includes the principal, school nurse and school doctor, school social worker, school psychologist, special education teacher and guidance counselor (upper secondary). The student wellbeing group works to promote the wellbeing of the school community and seeks solutions to assist pupils in need for support. Student affairs are always handled confidentially in a manner agreed upon with the pupil and his/her parents.

Areas of work of both the School Social Worker and School Psychologist include organizing support structures for the pupil and the family, consultation services for parents and teachers, one-on-one sessions with students, lessons together with teachers on wellbeing related issues, specific student groups where we practice skills in emotional intelligence and social interaction, and sharing our knowledge with students and parents on wellbeing topics.

You can find our contacts from the School’s own web page. You can reach us through Wilma, e-mail and phone.

The School Social Worker

A School Social Worker’s (koulukuraattori in Finnish) main task is supporting the child or youngster in their psycho-social growth and development together with the parents and other school staff members. You can contact the school social worker if your child has problems with going to school, with peers or if changes in his/her life situation affect school, their development or their emotional life. Students may contact the School Social Worker themselves as well.

The School Psychologist

The school psychologist helps pupils with learning difficulties, issues with attention, emotional problems and personal crises that are manifested in the school environment. The school psychologist provides guidance and consultation for teachers, counselling for students and carries out psychological evaluations and cognitive examinations, if needed.

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