Admission to Grades 1-9

Admission to Grade 1-9

Grade 1

The students of Grade 1 are selected mainly from The English School’s own preschool, but a few openings usually remain unfilled.

Applications for school year 2024-2025 are accepted until 26.1.2024. After the application period ends, school administration will invite registered applicants for an oral entrance test that will be held in February. A waiting list will be formed according to the results of the tests.
An additional entrance test for the remaining seats will be held in May. Applications are accepted until 22.4.2024.

The applicant’s English language skills must be such that they are able to study the elementary school curriculum in English. All applicants are also required to have at least basic level A1.3 knowledge in Finnish language.

Grades 2-8

Please enquire about openings in Grades 2-8 from school administration. Applications for school year 2024-2025 are accepted until
22.4.2024 (Grades 2-6, entrance tests in May) and
1.3.2024 (Grades 7-8, entrance tests in March)
Entrance tests will only be organized when there are openings. As a rule, new students will not be admitted during the spring term, but you may contact the principals to discuss the matter.

The entrance tests consist of written tests in English and Finnish. The applicant’s English language skills must be such that they are able to study the elementary school or middle school curriculum in English and in Finnish. Finnish can be studied as the mother tongue or as a second language.

Applications for academic year 2023-2024 should be submitted according to the following principle:

Grade / Year of Birth
1 / 2017
2 / 2016
3 / 2015
4 / 2014
5 / 2013
6 / 2012
7 / 2011
8 / 2010

Grade 9

As a rule, no applications to Grade 9 are taken. However, applicants may contact middle school principal to discuss the matter.

Admission enquiries:



How to apply?

  1. Complete payment of registration fee (20€)
    The English School bank details
    IBAN FI67 2262 1800 0634 37
    Swift code NDEAFIHH
    Message: “ES/MS registration + child’s name”.
  2. Fill in the online or paper registration form.
    Submit the online registration form accompanied with a receipt of the registration fee
    If you do not receive an email confirmation after submitting the form, please contact the office at

Confirming the registration annually
If there are no openings and you wish your child’s name to remain in the applicant register, you must confirm your registration annually in writing with the following information:
– Child’s name
– Date of birth
– Address
– Telephone
– Message: Confirmation of registration

Failure to confirm registration annually will result in the automatic withdrawal of your child’s name from the applicant register.

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