The English School High School

Located at Valimotie 17-19, Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki

Bilingual program

Instruction is offered in both English and Finnish. Our unique bilingual program allows our students to graduate from high school truly fluent in both languages. As long as the Finnish matriculation examinations are offered only in Finnish, it is in the students’ best interest to have the majority of teaching in Finnish. The in-depth study units leading to matriculation examinations are taught in Finnish to provide the necessary terminology to complete the examinations successfully. If a student’s official native language is not Finnish or Swedish, we offer an excellent Finnish as a second language program.

International examinations

In addition to the Finnish matriculation examination and after taking the preparatory mathematics and English courses offered by the school, students are able to take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), which prepares them for the SAT.

Solid academic level

Our teachers are dedicated, and they ensure a high-quality academic level at our school. Most of our students advance to well-known universities in Finland and abroad. Moreover, we provide personalized assistance in seeking education abroad after high school, if requested.

Pedagogic continuity

The pedagogic continuity in most subjects helps the teacher to perceive and develop each student’s unique talents. Since our student body is small, we pride ourselves on close interaction between the teachers and students.

Flexibility in course requirements

Students have the opportunity to focus on subject areas that they find important and of special interest to them, thus, courses in other subjects may be dropped, with the exception of Finnish and English.

Good guidance

Guidance counselors assist all students in creating their own personal study plan and a long-term strategy for their future studies. The counselor, group advisor, and also subject teachers, are dedicated to supporting the progression of each student´s studies.

Art and music diplomas

The number of music courses at our school is considerably higher than required in the Finnish curriculum. In the visual arts, we also offer an additional applied course. Furthermore, students that are particularly gifted and dedicated may also complete the Music Diploma, as well as the Visual Arts Diploma.

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