Abingdon, England, Camp School

  • target group: grade 6 students
  • teachers in charge: Steve Jacob
  • activities: a week-long study visit with language and culture focus

Miami Country Day School (MCDS), FL, USA

  • target group: hs students
  • person in charge:  director Petri Vuorinen and
  • Glen Turf, Director of Global Studies & International Programs, in charge of the program at MCDS 
  • activities: hs students study visit to Miami
  • Miami itinerary Spring 2019
  • video

Mount Clear College, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

  • target group: hs students
  • person in charge: principal Seija Nyholm and director Petri Vuorinen
  • study abroad options, flexible times from a couple of weeks to a whole year
  • Principal Jenny Bromley in charge of the program at Mount Clear College

Colegio Arenales, Madrid, Spain

  • target group: hs students
  • activities: culture and language focus on study trips, partnership school visit

Taizhou, China

Phoenix and Dapu, elementary schools in China

  • target group: es students
  • activities: teacher exchanges/visits, student projects

Tianyi SchoolWuxi, China

  • target group: hs students
  • teachers in charge: principal Seija Nyholm
  • activities: teacher and student exchanges/visits

Quintin, France


  • target group: ms students, if room hs students
  • teachers in charge: Leena Liimatainen + another staff member
  • activities: teacher exchanges/visits, student group exchanges every two years

Debate club

different venues: international and national debate competitions

  • target group: hs students
  • debate groups participated in debate competitions in Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia
  • teachers in charge: Lissy Clement, Kelly Helin

Graf-Anton-Guenther Schule, Oldenburg, Germany

  • short term private exchanges school visits
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