Our preschool education is based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum. Each child’s physical, psychological and social development, and the development of their knowledge and skills are supported. Moreover, preschool education accommodates children’s play, initiatives and experimentation.

Preschool education is integrative in nature. The children’s own interests and the mutual goals of students and teachers alike, form the point of departure for implementing the learning modules.

Preschool I Program

Preschool begins the year when your child turns five. We provide an introduction to English-language immersion through play, movement, exploration, and through arts and crafts.

Our objectives:

Gaining confidence developing basic English skills
Increasing vocabulary
Developing written language skills
Supporting interaction skills
Encouraging the development of Finnish as second language
Awakening children’s interest in their environment
Developing basic math and science skills
Learning to interact socially with peers and teachers
Enjoying arts, crafts and music
Participating in physical activity

Preschool II Program

The second year of preschool continues to build upon the strong foundation of Preschool I.

Our objectives:

Learning to communicate in English with more fluency
Continuing to develop their linguistic skills
Honing their phonic skills
Fostering their interest in reading
Supporting their communication skills
Encouraging the further development of Finnish as second language
Developing additional mathematical skills
Participating in physical activities, such as swimming, skating and gym
Enjoying arts, crafts, music and drama

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