What curriculum do you follow?

The English School follows the Finnish National Core Curriculum with emphasis placed on English and Finnish languages and cultures. English is taught at a native level from preschool to grade 12. 

What is the proportion of Finnish and English in instruction?

The proportion of Finnish and English varies depending on the grade level. The goal is that our students are truly bilingual by the end of ninth grade. 

Preschool and grades 1–4 have the highest proportion of instruction in English. What best characterizes education at these levels is total immersion. Finnish is taught at a native level or as a second language.

In grades 5–9, the proportion of Finnish instruction increases across all subjects. English continues to be taught at a native level. The goal is for students to master the concepts and terminology of each subject in both languages. This allows our students to apply successfully to Finnish-medium vocational or academic high schools.

In high school, we offer studies in both Finnish and English. Our unique bilingual program allows our students to study English language and literature at an advanced level while preparing to take the final matriculation examinations in Finnish.

What language requirements does The English School have for applicants?

Our students come from various language backgrounds. Suitability is evaluated based on entrance examinations, interviews and report cards as follows:

  • Preschool – applicants need to pass the aptitude test in Finnish or English
  • Elementary School – applicants need to pass an entrance examination with sections in Finnish and English
  • Middle School – applicants need submit their latest report card and pass an entrance examination with sections in English and Finnish or Finnish as a second language
  • High School – students must apply through the joint application process (yhteishaku) using their final report card

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