High School Entrance Exam Wednesday May 3th


at Valimotie 17-19, 2nd floor (Pitäjänmäki), May 3th at 8:30-11:15.

The written exam lasts two hours. Please bring official photo identification (identity card, passport etc.), a pencil and an eraser.

Assessment: max 2,5 points for the English test and max. 2,5 points for the Finnish as a mother tongue or Finnish as a second language test, for a total of 5 points. Acceptance to high school requires a minimum of 2,5 points on the entrance exam.

If you are unable to take part in the exam for a valid reason (sickness etc.) you need to contact the high school principal Seija Nyholm (seija.nyholm@engs.fi). We will organize a re-exam if needed, on the 8th of May. 

Invitation emails have been sent to all applicants on Thursday, April 6th.

Apply now!