Bilingual education:  English-Finnish

The English School follows the Finnish National Curriculum, with the exception being the level and amount of English-language instruction that we provide. The objectives of our English program clearly exceed the national requirements.  For native Finnish-speaking students, The English School also offers a strong program in their native language, while students with English or another language as their native tongue have the option to study Finnish as a Second Language.

Depending on the subject, students are taught in either English or Finnish. Compared to the lower grade levels, a larger share of learning is done in Finnish, to prepare students for studying in high school in Finland.

Our other language programs include Swedish (compulsory for Finnish citizens) and optional French and German (A2 and B2-syllabuses).

Additionally, the use of information and communication technology (ICT) is a natural and essential part of instruction and studying at our school, from preschool through high school. Students can also develop their special interests in music, art, drama and ICT through optional courses.

Studying at The English School

The school fosters an independent and responsible attitude toward work.  During grades 7-9, students deepen their understanding, knowledge and skills in their subject areas. While mastering the content of each subject is valued, developing one’s study skills is equally important. Attention to a high work morale, good manners and citizenship skills provide students with a solid base for later studies and for life.

Through projects, events and foreign exchanges, our students are provided with opportunities to familiarize themselves with real-life working environments, to practice participation and influencing, and to network with parties outside of school life.


The traditions of The English School are apparent in our annual events and celebrations, in which students are involved in planning, organizing and performing. These occasions add to the feeling of community and togetherness for the whole school, and bring students of all ages together.

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