Erasmus + project; Digital Europe

For 2019-2021, the current seventh grade classes will be participating in an EU project to develop their self-knowledge, habits, and understanding around use of digital devices and resources. The project will develop students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for learning experiences, self-control, problem-solving abilities, cooperation skills, and intercultural competence. Project work will take place in various academic classes and in homeroom classes.

In addition, there will be a total of 4 international project weeks with our partners. The first was in November 2019 in Helsinki, and we had a wonderful week of learning and making friends.  The theme was digital information and critical reading.

In spring 2020 a delegation of students and teachers will visit Maidstone, England to learn about the positive and problematic sides of computer games, like the potential for learning but also for addiction. (

In fall of 2020 we will visit Groningen, Holland to learn about big data, how IT companies record and utilize our search engine results and other actions online, and how they influence our lives. (

Finally, in spring 2021, we will visit Oldenburg, Germany to think critically about the opportunities and pitfalls of social media. (

Students will get to work on a game, a film, a website, and a fun, interactive lesson for younger students about the digital world.

If you have questions about the project, you can contact coordinator Laura Robinson.

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