Grade 6 visited Yrityskylä

Grade 6 visited Yrityskylä to get a test of working life for a day. The Yrityskylä Primary School learning environment is a society for schoolchildren, a miniature city where pupils work in their own professions, receiving a salary for their work. In addition, pupils act as responsible consumers and citizens as part of Finnish society. 

Grade 6 proudly presents: The Legend of Sleepy Engs

Grade 6 will once again organise the traditional Spooky Trail for Grades 3 to 5, as well as a Junior Spooky Trail for Grades 1 and 2 and Preschool 2. When? The Spooky Trails are part of our Mäntytie Halloween celebrations on Tuesday 31st of October (school day from 8:00 am till 12:10 pm for

Sixth Grade Crushes Sports day!

Last Saturday, September ninth, sixth grade gathered at the Eläintarha Sports Field, to participate in The English School’s annual tradition, Sports Day. The mandatory events to participate in were shot put, long jump, and the 60m sprint.   For the sixth graders, the day started off with a long jump. For some, this was a favourite sports

Grade 4: Vivamo Camp School Reflection

The Grade 4 cohort participated in the Vivamo Camp School held in Lohja from 15th May- 17th May.  The itinerary for the trip was exciting with the students exposed to a variety of different learning experiences throughout the week. The students participated in day excursions to Meriturva Maritime and Safety Training Centre, Pähkinänniemi nature path,

Student Council for the Spelling Bee Contest

On Friday 3rd March the Elementary School Spelling Bee competition was held. The competition was for all the finalists from Preschool through to 6th Grade.   All spellers put in their best effort and remained in high spirits, despite being posed with some very interesting, new and challenging words. A highlight was the close competition and

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