Welcome back to school

School starts on Wednesday, August 10 according to the following schedule  Mäntytie: Preschool and Grades 1-6Preschool 1 has 10-minute appointments by reservation from 12:00 onwardsPreschool 2 at 8:00 (Rantapuisto)Grades 1-2 at 9:00-12:10Grades 3-6 at 9:00-12:30 Valimotie (2nd floor): Middle School and High SchoolMiddle School at 9:00-13:00High School at 10:00-14:00

Grade 2 Hobby horse racing

Today, on our last Friday of this school year, our second graders went to Meilahti Arboretum to enjoy a sunny day. Past few weeks they had worked on crafting their own hobby horses, and today they got to race with them! Grade 2 had a playful race and which was so much fun! Grade 1

Graduations and Spring Celebrations

High School Graduation 2022 On Saturday, June 4th, at 11:00-13:00 at Mäntytie (includes group photo)Graduates arrive at 10:30. For graduates, a rehearsal on Friday, June 3rd, at 1pm (about an hour). Ninth Grade Graduation and Middle School Spring Celebrations On Saturday, June 4th at 8:30-10:00. Closest family members are warmly invited to both parties.

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