3D – Three dimensions of thinking

3D, Three Dimensions of Thinking

Our target groups were for Math Thinking Skills pupils in preschool and classes 1 & 2, and for Phenomenon Design Learning Unit 7th graders of year 2017/2018.

The teachers in charge were Kaarina Winter for primary and elementary school, and for the 7th grade Alan Tudor, Päivi Huhtinen, Hayley Poutiainen, Lotta Leppikangas, and Leena Liimatainen. 

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Funded via an OPH grant, we  worked on a year and a half long project on a phenomenon based design thinking project on 3D-printing combining art, math and technology with 7th graders. We worked together with a Helsinki based Education Technology start-up 3DBearAalto University and Helsinki University. The project got shortlisted for Bett Impact Awards.

The aims of the project included 3D thinking, design cycle, info searches, creating a useful and scalable item (7b) or toy (7a), group work and presentation skills with an emphasis on the life cycle of plastic. The pupils worked in groups for four days and presented their work to others on the last day.

The project included:

  • sustainable thinking
  • design thinking
  • design cycle working process
  • problem solving skills
  • group work skills
  • presentation skills
  • learning to think and to be proud of the work done
  • taking responsibility of learning
  • collaboration


‘Our Place’ – 3D-project together with EKK

Grade 7 students from Engs and Espoo Christian School have been working on a collaborative project to design and build an architectural model of their vision for a place they would like to study and grow up in.


They designed and constructed models using 3D printers and using traditional modelling techniques. They met and combined their efforts in making the final scale model.


The model, titled Our Place, features a school, cinema, football arena, high viewing point, accommodation, parks and swimming stadium. Transportation solutions included communal hover cars and a public railway network. Fast food drones were another a novel idea on display.

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